Unannounced Projects

Fast Paced Card Game

We have been working along side an amazing team to bring their fast paced fusion card game to life in a multiplayer cross platform game. 

Currently planned for open beta Q3 2023 for Android and iOS.

Aircraft Carrier Puzzler

Bring the controlled chaos of a Big Boss on an Aircraft Carrier to your finger tips. We are working with Veterans of the Navy to design a fun chaotic game based on operations of an Aircraft Carrier. 

Marketing Mashup

We have the pleasure of working with a local lemonade maker to create an awesome marketing game allowing their fans to win their way to a discount. This is a fun project allowing us to partner with a local Michigan business. 

Midwest Virtual Production (MVP)

Midwest Virtual Productions (MVP) was established in 2020, and purpose-built to develop, build and produce original commercial content featuring game-changing Virtual Production technologies. MVP’s mission is the fusion of two unique disciplines that deliver amazing results.

Azure Ravens joined to help MVP explore the marriage of Unreal Engine and Film production while defining a unique production pipeline for Virtual Production. 

Mobile Projects

Game Fundraiser

A collection of games designed and developed for L.U.G Designs. Project released on iOS and Android.
Players can Download the game support a charity of their choice by playing through any/all of the games currently released. 
The current Released games are:  
  • Pirate Pop: Bubble Shooter
  • Camp Crash: Match 3
  • Word Cross: Crossword Game

Pet Share

A social app designed and developed for our client Daniel Hannay. Project released on iOS and Android. 

Share images of your pet with the world and rate other peoples pets. Will your pet be the cutest pet? Or do you have a pet only you could love? Find out in Pet Share!

Planet Pink Club

Planet Pink Club is a Mobile Game Designed by Nancy Hahn and developed by our team. Releasing on iOS and Android Q2 2023.

Planet Pink is an interactive educational game, focused on building not only learning skills, but social and emotional education as well.

Word Casino Puzzle Cross - Contract Game

A crossword puzzle game designed and developed for our client Mitchell Robiner. The game released on iOS and Android.

Make your way through this fun take on a word game by betting on your ability to solve complex word puzzles. Will you hit the Jack Pot or will you go Bust?