Founded in 2018

Azure Ravens is a team of local Michigan game developers working with a passion for creating unique and interesting games. We are located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. 

Corbin Reeves

Game Designer & CEO

Amelia Reeves

Lead Artist & Animator

Connor Thompson

Engineering Lead

Alexander Sweeney

3D Artist

Owen West

3D Artist

Abigail Neminski

UI & 2D Artist

Josie Palmer


Brandon Clay

2D Artist

Mika the Dog

Office Support

Jacob Avery

Gameplay Programming Intern

Harper James

3D Artist

Damian Verellen Jr

Gameplay Programmer

Rodrigo Dias Romeu

Environment Concept Artist

Massimo Di Leo

Character Concept Artist

More to Come

As we land funding we look forward to bringing more talented developers to the studio