Goblin Forge

Goblin Forge is a VR blacksmithing game that takes place in a medieval fantasy world. You play as the shopkeeper and only blacksmith in a small town. You manage this shop alongside your goblin companions who begrudgingly assist you with the day to day task while causing chaos when they can. You take custom orders from adventures in town and create your own weapons to sell on your shop floor. For better and worse your goblin companions stick by your side but their behavior changes based on how you treat them.

PaperBoy Rush!

Survive the relentless road and deliver your papers, collect payment, and smash through obstacles. Use the money you earn from running your route to unlock new and unique vehicles to make your deliveries with.

Complete challenges and climb your way up the leader board. Do you have what it takes to be the best Paperboy?

Peter Paper (Game Jam)

Peter Paper is a horror survival game set in the house of the child you are babysitting. With the child's parents gone for the night you put the child to bed and find a strange VCR tape sitting on the table in the living room. Strange you don't remember seeing it there before, you pick it up and put it in the tape player. To your horror a monster by the name Peter Paper emerges from the TV. 

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