Ravenwood Acres

Ravenwood Acres is A Farming Lifestyle RPG inspired by Stardew Valley and Fantasy life with multiple lifestyles for the character to explore, each with their own storyline and mechanics that build out the world.

You play as a new arrival to the frontier town of Ravenwood; given a parcel of land by the town’s master, your life is at your fingertips. Will you train to become a legendary crafter, brave the wilderness as an adventurer, or live a quiet life on the farm?

Goblin Forge

Goblin Forge is a VR blacksmithing game that takes place in a medieval fantasy world. You play as the shopkeeper and only blacksmith in a small town.

Manage a shop alongside your goblin companions who begrudgingly assist you with the day to day task while causing chaos when they can. Take custom orders from adventures in town and create unique weapons to sell. 

Client Projects 

Since 2019 Azure Ravens has worked on numerus client projects ranging from VR Visualization, Mobile Game Development, App Development, Virtual Production, and Live Service Multiplayer Game Development. 
With some projects still under NDA we be unable to share much but we will update as projects release to the market. 

Side Projects

What's the difference between our independent IP (Goblin Forge and Ravenwood) and our "side projects?"

Well our independent IP is developed to after extensive market research, planning, concept work, and user testing. While our "side projects" are really just projects that seemed fun and could help to train new people.

Name a better way to train a new game dev than by making a game! These are low stakes projects that we just wanted to see get created. Typically released for free. 
While we rarely do anything like this it can still be a fun way to shake things up and keep the team feeling fresh and creative.