Designing the Buildings of Ravenwood

Hey Everyone!

This week I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes peek into the process of designing and creating buildings for Ravenwood.

When it comes to bringing a world to life, many parts and pieces need to fall into place to make the world beautiful and believable. A critical aspect is concept art for the buildings that make up the world. Thankfully, to help design and concept all the fantastic buildings in Ravenwood, we have Rodrigo Romeu, a concept artist and illustrator based in Brazil.

We have worked with Rodrigo for several years now, with him designing all the interiors and weapons for our VR game Goblin Forge. So when it came time for us to get environment concept art for this game, we instantly knew we wanted to work with him again.

Over the last few months, Rodrigo has worked with the art team and our character concept artist to develop a style unique to Ravenwood. I want to show you some of our processes, from initial sketches to early models.

Let's start this journey by looking at the second stage house the player can build on their farm.

The first step is Rodrigo will get an initial write-up from the design and art team describing the location and what kind of feeling or aesthetic we are looking for. From there, he will create some quick concept sketches for us.

Then the art and concept team will sit down and provide feedback and alteration requests. In this case, they asked to see a combination of sketch 1 and sketch 2.

From here we move on to the color blocking stage, with this being a player house they will get to customize it in-game. So while we typically only look at 4 to 5 color options, Rodrigo designed over 15 different color palletes and variations. This is an example of one collection that we decided to use for our vertical slice.

After we have a color pallete we like, we then move on to our favorite part the illustration stage. Rodrigo takes some time to render out the drawing fully into a visually appealing stage, adding even more detail that fits it into our world and environment. Many of them even end up as posters on our walls here in the office!

Then after all this work is done, the final concept art is moved on to our modeling and texturing team, who spend hours working on bringing this concept to life. Here is an example of some early-stage work done by our art team.

From here, we will bring this into the game for our vertical slice as the player's house on the farm! Hopefully, this gives you some insight into our design and development process for all the models in our game. The method of making games is time intensive, but extraordinary.

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