Dev Diary #1: Goblin Forge The Start

Hey everyone!

My name is Corbin Reeves and I am the game designer here with the Azure Ravens team. In this update, I get the pleasure of talking about our VR game Goblin Forge. 

Goblin Forge is a VR blacksmithing game that takes place in a medieval fantasy world. You play as the shopkeeper and only blacksmith in a small town. You manage this shop alongside your goblin companions who begrudgingly assist you with the day to day task while causing chaos when they can. You take custom orders from adventures in town and create your own weapons to sell on your shop floor. For better and worse your goblin companions stick by your side but their behavior changes based on how you treat them.

Goblin Forge was originally known as Project Smithery Timbers which is mostly due to the fact that the game concept was conceived at 2 am when Connor and I were both exhausted. The game's original goal was to be a simple blacksmithing game but eventually, we saw the addition of the shop goblins and the game took on a whole new narrative. We decided to lean into the chaotic fun of shop goblins and thus Goblin Forge was born. 

In this week's update, I want to show off our Shop and Training yard first pass. Below is a video we took of the first pass of the shop and Training yard when all of the objects were still static. It provided us a good foundation to grow on, we have since expanded the shop which I hope to show you in the next update.


You also get a sneak peek at some shader work I was trying out early on in the development. If you look closely at the objects in the scene you can see that a large number of them have a purple hue running through them. I hope to talk about our environment design in a future post but the goal of some of our shader tests was to accentuate the purple hue. 

If you are interested in more Goblin Forge news or just curious what we are up to make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord so you can stay up to date on all the game dev goodness.